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I Am a Physician

Welcome to our pages designed especially for physicians: Here you will find interesting information about imaging of the microcirculation of the hands and most certainly also about Xiralite. Our offerings is for all medical specialties that are generally interested in imaging of the microcirculation and who are specially interested in imaging of the normal and altered microcirculation of the hands, including all the joints. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Informations for Physicians

Xiralite in daily routine

One image says more than thousand words: the impressive images of the normal and altered microcirculation from Xiralite exams aid your patients in better understanding their disease and improve the interaction between you and your patient. Xiralite can support you in taking care about your patients in a variety of different ways.

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Publications about Xiralite

Scientific data, finally published as original, peer reviewed word or on one of the international scientific meetings, are standard practice in today’s medicine. Where and how professionals use Xiralite in clinical settings, comparison of Xiralite to other imaging modalities, but also longitudinal data are by now made available to the scientific public by users of the Xiralite system.

Ask us – we will be pleased to send you a current list of publications about Xiralite.

Here you may find one of our Xiralite devices

Xiralite is available at an increasing number of professionals. These can be physicians in offices, specialized care settings, or specialized departments in hospitals and universities. Please enlarge the map for the region you are interested in. By clicking on the symbols the contact details are shown.

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