Xiralite in daily routine

One image says more than thousand words: the impressive images of the normal and altered microcirculation from Xiralite exams aid your patients in better understanding their disease and improve the interaction between you and your patient. Xiralite can support you in taking care about your patients in a variety of different ways.

Especially patients with long standing disease processes are frequently well informed and are interested in innovation that could help them. Xiralite as a modern, reliable, and patient friendly imaging procedure is attractive to patients who care about themselves. In addition, Xiralite is easily and perfectly integrated in your daily office routine – the actual exam is performed by one of your assistants. And you as a physician focus on the important stuff: readings the images whenever it fits your schedule. That saves time and money.

Sometimes just one relevant information is missing for knowing exactly what your patient has. How helpful would be a direct look into your patient, without scheduling an appointment somewhere else or sending your patient to radiology? Xiralite as a point-of-care solution offers you exactly the information you need in these cases, all without loosing time – a direct gain in treatment quality for your patients!

Absence of disease processes as superior goal of modern disease treatment might be hard to assess only with clinical means. Subclinical residual disease despite a working treatment will, if not recognized, jeopardize the treatment result. How helpful would be a glimpse into the patient? Xiralite allows to image the microcirculation in a very sensitive was, including the normal and all kinds of alterations to the microcirculation. Allow yourself the certainty that you would like to offer your patients!


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