Why did we develop Xiralite?

The hands are a very complex, mechanical entity, and a number of different diseases show symptoms in the hands. This very often is quite displeasing for the affected patient, as the hands are used all the time and are important for mastering every day life.

To allow physicians to image the hands and better see what’s going on, that’s why we developed Xiralite.

Xiralite is a new and innovative imaging device which allows the display the circulation in the hands. The different diseases in the hands have effects especially to the very small vessels, which is called the microcirculation. Therefore the physician can see what’s going on.

Treatment, if needed, will have an effect on the microcirculation. If it works, the microcirculation will return to the normal appearance of a healthy person. This can be visualized with Xiralite.

For you as a patient, you can have a fast and reliable imaging test, that only needs about 10 minutes and does not stress you.

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