Rheuma Informationen für Patienten - moderne Untersuchungsmethoden für Gelenkentzündungen und chronische Schmerzen in den Händen

I Am a Patient

Welcome to our pages targeted at patients, relatives and interested persons. Here you will find information about Xiralite and what can be visualized with it.

This web offer is deliberately not targeted at professionals. The information available through this website does not replace the dialogue with your physician, as only your physician can adequately and professionally judge your individual situation. Therefore, if you have more detailed questions, please do not hesitate to directly ask your treating physician.

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Common Questions from Patients, Relatives or Interested Persons

Why did we develop Xiralite?

The hands are a very complex, mechanical entity, and a number of different diseases show symptoms in the hands. This very often is quite displeasing for the affected patient, as the hands are used all the time and are important for mastering every day life.

To allow physicians to image the hands and better see what’s going on, that’s why we developed Xiralite.

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Who might be imaged with Xiralite?

Xiralite is suitable for patients of any age group, that have disorders in the hands. It might be advisable e.g. in patients with unclear pain, so the physician gets an early indication on what is the effect on the blood circulation, including the smallest vessels. Or if you are already under treatment for a known disease, the effects of the medication on the microcirculation can be visualized.

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Who may not be imaged with Xiralite? Are there associated risks? Is Xiralite safe?

The radiation free Xiralite exam has no significant risk to the patient. As of today, more than 13.000 patients have been imaged with Xiralite with no major or lasting adverse effects.

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Here you may find one of our Xiralite devices

Xiralite is available at an increasing number of professionals. These can be physicians in offices, specialized care settings, or specialized departments in hospitals and universities. Please enlarge the map for the region you are interested in. By clicking on the symbols the contact details are shown.

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