To See Or to Assume.

On this page we would like to share some imaging examples from routine use of our Xiralite systems. A healthy volunteer is displayed together with a case with alterations to the microcirculation.

In all examples, the examinations were evaluated with the XiraView software. One image is recorded every second for a duration of six minutes, so overall there are 360 images. The films are shown as time-lapse. A click on the image starts the video.


Healthy Volunteer

In the Xiralite exam you can follow the distribution of the dye in the small and smallest vessels of the hands. Typically, the distal finger is seen first, followed by the rest of the hands. Focal enhancements of the dye, especially within circumscribed anatomical structures, are not visible. After the first pass, the signal intensity from the dye continuously decreases over time.

Increased Microcirculation

In this patient a number of changes to the microcirculation can be seen. Some of the joints appear earlier than the finger tips, some areas have a markedly increased signal intensity, and some are visible for an extended timeframe. In this patient, all those aspects of an altered microcirculation can be seen.

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