Xiralite GmbH – the Innovation Leader for Fluorescence Imaging Systems

Xiralite GmbH is a medical device company located in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

Here we develop, produce, and market our Devices – made in Germany! Our Customers are physicians all over the world, in offices as well as in hospitals and research institutions.

Our aim is to provide innovative concepts for diagnostics and therapy of severe diseases with real diagnostic benefit for our customers.

We are experts for the complex interaction between identifying user needs, feasibility studies, soft- and hardware development all the way to global marketing and sales.

Quality Promise

Xiralite offers innovative medical imaging devices for diagnostic based on optical technologies. With highest quality major benefit for imaging of early disease states, treatment monitoring, and follow-up is provided to our users and customers.

Therefore, our goal is that our products help to identify diseases faster and more reliable than with currently available means. We promise user and patient friendly products fitting users needs to the best possible way, and offer highly qualified support during the product lifetime.

History and Milestones

In cooperation of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the German institute for metrology, the Free University of Berlin, the Helios Hospital Bad Saarow and the mivenion GmbH the ideas on modern imaging of microcirculation could be proven in an initial clinical study using two different prototypes. The results were the starting signal for the Xiralite product development.

The first approval for Xiralite was in 2009. The foundation of optical imaging of microcirculation disorders was layed. Different types of rheumatic diseases show alterations of the microcirculation with different imaging patterns. The clinical usability of Xiralite exceeded all expectations.

Beginning of the year 2017 Xiralite GmbH took over mivenions business operations.

Quality and safety – Global marketing